Outdoor Spaces

Our patio and landscaped areas were created to allow your guests the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the Columbia River Gorge.


Our outdoor patio was created to allow you and your guests full access to our beautful outdoors areas and views of the Columbia river Gorge.

At night this area is illuminated by rows of our bistro lights to set the mood for your celebration. 

Our patio can be used for cocktail hours, dancing, or just a casual place to play some lawn games. It's also a great gathering area for guests.

Our Patio is adjacent to our reception hall and is accessed by two sets of double doors. 

Outdoor Ceremony Area

Our outdoor ceremony area is located just below our reception hall for easy access and convenience for guest and vendors.. 

Our ceremony area features a custom wood arbor, gorgeous landscaping, and freedom to customize it any way you like!

We offer stadium seating for larger weddings and an easy transition from ceremony to reception. 

& Trails

​We have created some gorgeous trails and landscaping for your guest to enjoy while they visit our venue. 

These areas also feature benches  where guest can relax and enjoy our view of the Cascade Mountains.
Our Field
Our landscaping is bordered by a wild field.

It creates a great backdrop for pictures!

For the safety of guest this area can only be accessed for pictures. 
Our Road
Maple LEaf Events is located on a quiet road and has only a small amount of traffic. 

Some weddings have used our road as a backdrop for pictures.

*Clients who do so are doing it at their own risk. 
Our Views
We are nestled in the middle of the cascade mountain range as well as the columbia river gorge. our views will take your breathe away. 
Stevenson Waterfront
Maple LEaf Events is located 5 minutes from the Port of Stevenson. This area is an amazing location for pictures
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